burger monger FAQ’s

Monger Maniacs is our new Rewards Program that gives you the ability to earn points with every purchase that are converted into rewards for amazing Burger Monger food. 

You can also become a Monger Maniac by creating an account online or by downloading the Burger Monger® App through the App Store or the Google Play store. Participation is subject to the Burger Monger Rewards™ Membership terms.

Monger Maniacs can receive points by scanning their Burger Monger QR code at the register. Earn points for every purchase. There is no cost to join and anyone who is eligible to create a Burger Monger account may participate.

How Does It Work?

  • Monger Maniac Members earn points with every purchase. $1 = 1 point. Points are awarded based on the total, prior to tax .
    Points are accumulated until 100 points are earned, they are then converted into a  $5 reward. Available rewards and points needed for redemption are available in-app or through a member’s online profile.

  • Current membership status may be viewed through the app, by selecting "Rewards", or online.


Monger Maniacs will receive rewards faster.

No more waiting until you receive 200 points. Now receive a $5 Reward for every 100 points earned!

Members have the ability to receive 50 bonus points when referring a friend to download the app. Once your friend, joins and makes their first purchase you will receive your points within 24 hours.

Mobile App FAQ

Do I need to download the app again?
Yep, we’ve updated our app & in order to receive the sign up offer and the other cool things that go along with it, you will need to download our new app.

I was already a Loyal Monger, do I need to create a new account?
Nope. No need to create a new account. We have migrated your name, email and existing point balance. Simply click on “I would like to migrate points & rewards”. Enter your email, first and last name and create a password.

What is different with this new app?
As a Monger Maniac you will receive 1 point for every $1 spent in the restaurant. Receive a $5 reward for every 100 points earned. You can easily access any available rewards and offers, see points earned, invite friends, locate your favorite store and place an online order

What happened to my previous points?
Have no fear! Any existing point balance was transferred to the new program.

What if I have an existing reward coupon, can I still use it?
Yep, if you have a copy of your coupon, please present it to the cashier for redemption.

Do my new rewards/offers expire?
Sadly all good things must come to an end. Expiration dates may vary. You can view your available rewards and offer through the “Rewards” portion of the app or online

I signed up online and did not receive my sign up offer. What happened?

While we want everyone to be able to receive our sign up offer it is only available for app downloads.

I forgot to show my QR code to earn points at the register. Did I lose them?

Don’t worry, be happy… you won’t miss out on earning delicious Burger Monger food! There is a barcode on the bottom of your receipt that you can scan with our new app to make sure you don’t miss any of your points. Please note that there are a limited amount of missed points that can be added this way per day. 

Does the purchase of a gift card count towards my points?

Burger Monger Gift Cards make great gifts & will earn you brownie points with the recipient, but the purchase of a gift card does not earn Monger Maniac points. Burger Monger Gift Cards count toward the recipient’s Monger Maniac points when they are used.

Can I Redeem More Than One Reward In A Visit?

Sad Panda says no…unfortunately you are only able to redeem one reward per visit.

How do I find my rewards?

Wise owl says look on the bottom of the Burger Monger app for and click the middle “rewards” option & then look for the gift box enclosed in a red circle. Click the gift box to see your available rewards.

I accidentally clicked “redeem” before I was ready to claim my reward/offer, will I lose it?

We know you’re extremely ecstatic to redeem your reward/offer, we get click happy too from time to time. We’re pleased to inform you that after 4 hours the unused reward/offer will return back to your rewards account and will be available until its expiration date.

Can I combine my rewards with in-store promotions/coupons?

No, sorry.

Couldn’t Solve Your Problem?

If you have any other questions or concerns please email us at marketing@burgermonger.com